Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jay Chou time

Asian heavenly king of pop Jay Chou is about to release his new album "Capricorn" on the 9th of October. Apparently the name capricorn is used as the same as Jay Chou's zodiac. Capricorn is supposed to gain a huge success also following Jay Chou latest impressive album " On The Run".

The song "Fragrant Rice" will be this album hit song, which lyrics and music composed by Jay Chou itself. He uses simple words to create imaginative worlds through a combination of hip hop and folk music.

On the 29th when he went on Hit Fm, Jay Chou, who never really believed much in fortune telling, accepted the reading by a Tarot Card teacher, he posed two questions for the Tarot Card teacher to answer!

Firstly Jay Chou asked if his new album "Capricorn" can surpass his previous album, as a result from the Tarot Cards, Jay Chou picked The Hierophant card, it symbolises that the new album needs a lot of help from benefactors; Jay Chou expressed: all the fans are his benefactors! He believes that the fans will definitely continue to support his new album, don't let the rampant piracy filled record market disappear!

The second question was when his rumours were going to stop, the result was The Magician card!

The teacher explained that this meant that Jay Chou's rumours would be never-ending, but he also suggested Jay Chou can develop in other careers, for example being a programme host or other new directions that are different from music!

Jay Chou, who is deeply influenced by rumours, expressed his agreement with this, the media put more questions to Jay Chou, does it imply that before the new album is out, Jay Chou will have a new romance; Jay Chou denied it and said: No, I only hope that before the new album comes out, everyone can put their focus on his talent in writing! And not have a new rumour every time there is a new album, spreading rumours about him having a relationship with a certain female lead!


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