Thursday, October 9, 2008

Is Middle Jonas Dating Taylor Swift?

Joe Jonas is rumoured to be dating country starlet Taylor Swift. Actually,they've been said to be going out for a while now,but since nobody will confirm anything,we can only speculate-and hope.
Middle Jonas brother Joe,19,is said to have gotten awfully close to the singer when she toured with the Jonas Brothers in July.In August,Joe was spotted quietly attending the 18-year-old Taylor's concert in Florida when she was the opening act for Rascal Flatts.

An eye-witness reported at the time : "(Joe) arrived about five minutes before the show started and stood next to the soundboard. He was wearing Yankees baseball hat and trying not to be noticed. He was really into the show. You could tell he was really focused on her."

The source said Joe hardly took his eyes off Taylor throughout her performance,and later went backstage to see her as soon as her set was over. The pair has also been spotted dining out together,accompanied by fellow Jo-bros Kevin Jonas,Nick Jonas and Nick's rumoured girlfriend Selena Gomez.
So are they really an item? All Joe wouldsay,when asked by Ryan Seacrest in early August,is :"I think anyone would like to go on a date with her.:
Asked the same question,Taylor responded :" He's an amazing guy and anyone would be lucky to date him."

Hang on a minute,their answers sound alike! Either they're really dating and have pre-planned the answers,or Joe and Taylor are psychic soulmates who've somehow read each other's mind.

Or they're really not dating,as Jonas pal Demi Lovato claims. The 16-years-old Camp Rock star told the media :"They would look good together but too bad they're not.They just get along." We'll just wait and see!

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