Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gossip Girl Season 2

Chuck : You dont belong to Nate. Never ever, Never will.
Blair : You dont belong with Anyone.
Chuck : Let's take it slow this time. Do it Right.
Blair : Egh! Chuck Bass is a romantic, who knew?
Chuck : Now you do, and it's ALL what matters
(will Blair and Chuck live happily ever after?)
Its for you to find out!

Season 2 is BACK! Its a MUST watch!

Forget the dish of the last Season Gossip Girl is back and dirtier than ever. This group is the first stop for the dish of gossip girls elite
And i have already got the headlinerslonely boy just been bitten by the shame bug
And little Blair being pushed back into the darkness by the new Queen Bee i wonder who that is Its no other than Sweet Serena whos risen from the ashes
Its either bow down or face the consquences
Ohhh and how that dreamy boy kissing a newly primped Jenny thats one seret all never tell
Or maybe i will tune in next week for the dish on little Jenny Humphrey.

You know you love me,

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