Monday, September 29, 2008



First of all,we would love to introduce ourselfs.We're Anne Marie and Weng Yen.We've been wanting to do a blog for quite some time.But we didnt have the time to do a blog,and so finally we did!

Our blog basically isn't the kinda blog where you will get to read about our lifes!But instead, you'll be getting to read about something more interesting then our lifes(obviously).Which is The Life of the Rich and Famous!This blog is all about the Celebrities.Every Celeb you want to know about.From Hollywood stars to Taiwanese stars or maybe even Bollywood stars.You just name it!And we'll post as much as we know about that specific Celeb that you've asked for ASAP!

Our blog will not only be posting about your favourite Celeb.But also your favourite Movie,TV show,Song.EVERYTHING!We'll be posting the latest Movies,TV shows,Top 10 songs in the USA or anywhere else!

You'll also be getting the latest GOSSIP about who's dating who?Who's broke up with who?Who's cheating on who?Best dress or Worst dress?Who won what awards?And even the latest fashion! Like i said EVERYTHING!

If you're a big fan of award movies.Like Oscar,Emmy,Academy,MTV,Grammy,VMA etc.We'll try our best to post out all the winners for every catagories!You wont miss a thing!

So yeah.Start now.By going to our chat box and tell us what or who you want to know about!!
We hope to see you soon!!


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