Monday, December 15, 2008

Paris Hilton's New BFF!!

Who Won Paris Hilton's BFF? It was Brittany Flickinger, rock singer from Las Vegas. winner is not getting any Prize/cash but just friendship to famous celebrity Paris Hilton.
She also talked about her friend Vanessa from Alaska, who was her competitor in final episode. Brittany got a small flying ride over Manhattan in a helicopter and also picked at the $1,000 sundae. She's a walking oxymoron, though, as she claims she's both sweet and a manipulative bitch. She is having simple life style with limited drinking and no sex.Paris Hilton my new BFF cast was 18 potential best friends forever. To become winner you must be intelligent, thoughtful television. There were Follwing names in the cast: Zui, Corrie, Sinsu, Trisha, Natasha, Brittany, Erin, Vanessa, Baje, Onch, Brian, Kayley, Athena, Francisca, Lauren, Shelley, Michelle, Kiki.

Ms. Hilton told Brittany, "The truth is you won't be joining me in my life. But," she adds after a long pause, "I hope you'll join me for our life together Because you're my new BFF. Are you ready for a crazy life?"

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